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TK Mohamed Basheer

Founder, Chairman and Managing Director

Basco Ventures & all of its subsidiaries 

    About our Founder

    TK Mohamed Basheer is an entrepreneur and the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of Basco Ventures and its various subsidiaries. With a strong determination to succeed, he embarked on his business journey in 1995. In 2002, he established TK Basheer & Co, an exclusive distributor for India Cements Ltd. Recognizing opportunities in the market, he started TK Steel Complex in 2008, a retail outlet specializing in steel and cement. In 2012, TK Trading Company was formed as an exclusive distributor for India Cements Ltd in Palakkad Dt. The year 2016 saw the establishment of Basons Infra Private Limited, a renowned steel and cement distributor operating across the state. Finally, in 2019, TK Mohamed Basheer established Basco Ventures LLP as the parent company, unifying and overseeing all the other firms under its umbrella. Through his strategic vision and relentless efforts, TK Mohamed Basheer has created a successful business with a strong presence in the steel and cement industry.


    +91 9946204460

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